March 2022 Student Exemplar

  • Olivia is a 4th grade student at Erickson Elementary.  Olivia has made a
    positive impact on others throughout her time at Erickson and was chosen by her
    4th grade teachers as a STANDOUT student.
  • Miss Krzoska, her 4th grade teacher stated, “Olivia comes to school each day
    with a smile on her face. She greets adults and classmates each morning with a
    smile. Olivia is a hard worker in class. She ALWAYS puts forth her best effort to
    complete assignments. Olivia will offer to help a teacher or classmate in need.
    She follows the six pillars of character each day and often thinks of others before
  • Mrs. Miller stated that Olivia is a kind, helpful, charismatic student who takes
    responsibility for her own learning. She asks questions, helps others, and is a
    positive light to all those around her. She enters the classroom with a smile on
    her face each day and doesn't let things get her down.
  • Mrs. Stombres, music teacher, echoed that Olivia is such a wonderful addition to
    the music room! She has such a kind heart, always eager to learn new things,
    and help others along the way. Her welcoming smile and positive attitude
    exemplify what it means to be an Erickson Eagle!
  • For putting others before herself, her positive attitude, and her determination and
    spirit toward learning, the Board of Education recognizes Olivia Wierzba with the
    student exemplar award for the month of March.