March 2022 Staff Exemplar

  • Mike Ryan has dedicated 31 years of service as a physical education teacher in
    District 13.  He has spent most of them at Erickson Elementary wearing blue and
    gold and SOARING like an Eagle each and every day.
  • Mr. Ryan is known for supporting students in every possible way.  His response
    is always, “Let’s do what is best for students”.  His physical education classes not
    only focus on fitness but also on teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship and
    always showing the pillars of good character.
  • Mrs. Paoletti, 5th Grade teacher, said, “Mr. Ryan has always been a dedicated
    teacher who sets high expectations for his students.  He has wonderful connections with his students and has always organized Field Day amazingly well! His passion for coaching has influenced generations of children who are better because of him.”
  • Students also LOVE going to PE! Over the years, Mr. Ryan has not only taught basketball, football, gymnastics, soccer, floor hockey and other traditional sports, but also bowling, juggling, scooter handball, hula hooping, jump roping, and other non-traditional activities to encourage fitness, coordination and teamwork.S
  • Students from all grades commented about what their favorite activities have
    been in PE and gave us insight into Mr. Ryan’s impact:
    • Mr. Ryan is super funny and makes gym class fun.” Emma K.
    • “My favorite memory was playing football outside.” Max L.
    • "Mr. Ryan is always positive and tells us to never give up if we are struggling
      with something.” Alexander S.
    • “I really like jump roping!” Penny O.
    • “Mr. Ryan is very energetic and likes his students.” Dev S.
    • “My favorite was when we were juggling!” Madelyn M
    • “Mr. Ryan teaches us new lessons and is very nice.” Hailey M.
    • “Whenever I make a mistake he helps me laugh it off - in a good way!”
      Nithya S.
  • As Mr. Ryan is finishing up his last year at Erickson and retiring at the end of this
    school year, Erickson staff and students just want Mr. Ryan to know what a
    positive impact he has made on ALL of us!  Your legacy will live on in every
    student who entered your gym at Erickson.  Thank you for your unwavering
    service to the Erickson community. So tonight, the Board of Education is
    honored to award Mr. Mike Ryan the staff exemplar award for the month of