William has been chosen as Erickson's October Above and Beyond recipient because he shows the 6 pillars of character on a daily basis.  William is a 2nd grade student at Erickson and was nominated by all the paraprofessionals at Erickson, including the arrival, recess, lunch, dismissal, and grade level paraprofessionals for their positive experiences knowing William since Kindergarten.  The paraprofessionals stated that William is a very caring, considerate and hardworking student.  He is always there to help his fellow classmates.  He will volunteer to give a helping hand without being asked.  He consistently earns Eagle tickets for following the SOAR expectations in the hallway, at lunch, and at recess everyday.  William has a positive attitude, is a great listener, and shows his best behavior at all times.  All the paraprofessionals can count on William to be kind to everyone and for being a great role model for all of his grade level peers.