Therese Baylosis has been nominated for the Above and Beyond Award by the Second Grade Team at Erickson.  Therese is an excellent student who strives to do her best in everything she does. Therese is a positive decision maker, a good listener and a hard working student. She puts forth her best effort into everything she does from completing an assignment with accuracy to working cooperatively with classmates.  Therese is a kind and thoughtful friend to everyone and is considerate of her peers’ feelings. She has the best intentions in every situation and encourages her peers to do what is right.  Therese inspires her classmates to find the positive in all situations! Her positive attitude is contagious! Therese also adds insightful thoughts to the classroom discussions.  She participates enthusiastically in her learning and helps create a classroom that is fun and upbeat.Therese truly goes above and beyond and is well deserving of this award!