Tayash Naidoo is a new student to Erickson this year and has wholeheartedly embraced what it means to be an Erickson Eagle! Tayash is kind to all of his classmates, teachers, and any Erickson community member that he comes in contact with. He follows the SOAR expectations each and every day. Tayash is helpful, collaborative, kind, and truly goes above and beyond to make Erickson a better place. Tayash's peers instantly saw his leadership qualities and he was nominated as the Student Council Representative for his class.  A teacher shared that she observed Tayash welcome back a student that had been absent, he shared how much he missed him, proceeded to go over what the absent student missed during class, and then helped the student get acclimated back into the classroom routine.   Tayash did this all independently, without any staff member asking him to help.  Tayash's thoughtfulness and care for others helped the other student feel comfortable in the classroom.  This is just one example of Tayash's kind behavior that is observed on a daily basis.  Tayash is a true friend to all his classmates and Erickson is lucky to have him be part of our Erickson community.