Lily Puchalski is a 5th grade student at Erickson Elementary School and was nominated by the 5th grade teaching team for the Above and Beyond Award.  Lily's 5th grade teachers stated that Lily is extremely compassionate and kind towards everyone.  She is a very hard worker and puts quality and effort into everything she does.  She is responsible and dependable, we can always rely on her to do the right thing.  Lily is an Ideal role model for others.  Lily's 4th grade teachers stated that Lily is a well-rounded role model for her classmates. She always exhibits her best effort in the classroom and would persevere whenever she was presented with a challenge. Along with being a hard worker, Lily is also a wonderful classmate. She always treats anyone she interacts with with kindness and respect.  Lily's 3rd grade teacher said that Lily always has a positive attitude that helps her tackle any challenge that comes her way.  She wants to do her best, and she puts in the time and effort to make her work top notch.  But even more important than that, Lily is an inclusive and kind student that always seems to see the good in any situation and in other people.  Her genuine laugh puts everyone at ease, and she always welcomes others into whatever she is doing.  She is a wonderful example of what kindness looks like and acts like.