Katie Nelson is a kindergarten student at Erickson Elementary School who also attended preschool at Erickson.  She is a true example of a student that goes above and beyond! She comes into kindergarten each day with a radiant smile and warm hug that just brightens her teachers' day. Katie is well liked by her classmates and is consistently kind and respectful to everyone. She encourages her classmates and lends a helping hand to any student in need.  Katie has grown so much this school year! Through each lesson she chooses a front row seat to focus, participate and learn. Katie has a growth mindset and believes that she "CAN DO HARD THINGS!" She has proven that with hardwork and perseverance you can achieve great things! Her teachers are so proud of Katie and her strong example of what it truly means to SOAR! Katie has all the best qualities of a successful student and is a bright light to those around her everyday.